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via dei chiavari


Published on:  2018-02-06 17:54:00

  Streets of Rome

The « chiavari » were part of the Brotherhood of the Ferrari instituted by Gregory the Sixteenth on May 13, 1836, which, as the statute states, « was to be composed of the only people who belong to such class, the class, was declared to be composed of thirteen Bodies of arts, that is: ‘Manescalchi, Morsari, Armaroli’, that is to say, ‘Sapadieri, Coltellinari and Archibugieri, Calderara, Artegrossa’, that is ‘Ferravecchi, Staderari, Ferracocchi’, artificers of agricultural instruments, artificers and owners of ironworks, ‘Chiavari, Ottonari’ and metal smelters, tower clocks and machinists, ‘Chiodaroli Stagnari’, lanterns and all those who work tin, lead, tin-plated and tinplate, ‘Arrotatori and Prestaferri, Carbonari, Prestacavalli’, body-workers, tamers and ‘Cozzoni’ of horses . It will not be possible to admit who does not belong to the indicated arts and will not be at least sixteen years old ».

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