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vicolo della campana


Published on:  2018-02-06 17:55:00

  Streets of Rome

It presents an unusual path at right angles and forms with Via dell Scrofa, which makes it the base, an almost perfect triangle. The alley takes its name from an old inn, the Bell, mentioned since the sixteenth century: its foundation dates back to 1518, as the « taxae Viarum » recall and, from a census of 1526, it turns out that its founder was Pietro de la Campana. In 1622 then it was a certain Giacomo who managed it and since then, until the end of 1800, it was the inn that housed the foreigners of passage and in which they organized and sold trips: this is the reason why still today the restaurant, which occupies the old locals to the number 18, presents the design of the carriage as the crest.

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