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via borgognona


Published on:  2018-02-06 17:57:00

  Streets of Rome

The toponym according to some, refers to the Burgundians or Burgundians, tradesmen or artists from the French province of Burgundy, who settled in this area almost deserted in the fifteenth century; for others, the name originated from the church of San Claudio, erected in 1662, next to the street and belonging to the « Burgundian nation ». The street was called, for some time, also « via Rucellai », named after the family that lived in the nearby Palazzo Rucellai. But often the way was indicated as « Via delle meretrici » which in large number dwelt in hovels with outside wooden stairs. In 1566 a flood of the Tiber invaded the houses, so that many men ran to their aid; but, realizing that those, together with life, wanted to save even valuables, they drowned a good part of it, seizing on what the poor people belonged to.

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