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via della scrofa


Published on:  2018-02-06 18:26:00

  Streets of Rome

The small sow mentioned in documents from 1445 is probably a fragment of a large white marble bas-relief depicting a procession. Lost or destroyed the remaining part of the composition, the figure of the sow, today reduced in very poor condition, was applied on the wall of the convent of the Augustinians and had such notoriety to impose the name on the street. The sow was then turned into a fountain by the will of Pope Gregory the Thirteenth Boncompagni. This happened around 1580. It was enough to add a small cinnamon in the mouth of the animal and « a cup of marble raised from the plane of about half a man ». In 1873 , the noticeable increase in traffic on the road made it necessary to move the tank that protruded too far into the narrow pavement. It was then removed and walled in the same building, at the corner with Via dei Portoghesi, while the sow remained where it is still, to justify, with its presence, the origin of the name of the road. A plaque placed recently under the figure of the sow recalls the transfer of the fountain.

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