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via della conciliazione


Published on:  2018-02-14 11:52:00

  Streets of Rome

The name of via della Conciliazione, on the proposal of the journalist Franco Franchi, meant to remember the historic peace between Church and State, the Lateran Pacts. With the opening of the great road we lost a piece among the oldest of medieval and renaissance Rome; as if this were not enough, all the buildings on the outer sides of the Borghi Vecchi and Nuovi were amputated, translocated or pseudo-restored in order to align them with the gardens of Castel Sant Angelo and with the lungotevere that ran in front of it. They demolished and moved onto Via della Conciliazione, with a new form, the Palazzo dei Convertendi and the Rusticucci palace, while the « house of Giacomo da Brescia », the church of « San Giacomo in piazza Scossacavalli », the church disappeared altogether of « San Michele Arcangelo », together with all the houses that were built near the Passetto. The beautiful fountain that decorated « Piazza Scossacavalli », built according to a design by Maderno, was dismantled and moved in front of Sant’ Andrea della Valle.

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