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via della pelliccia


Published on:  2018-02-06 17:58:00

  Streets of Rome

The origin of the name « fur » seems to derive, according to some, from the presence of an ancient family De Pelliciis, which had some properties in the area, in particular in the nearby Via del Cipresso, as attested by some documents of 1803; according to others it derives instead from a renowned shopkeeper of skins nicknamed « er Fur », while another theory assigns its origin to the usual sign of an osteria. The street preserves ancient houses of great importance, like the medieval house located on the corner with Piazza de 'Renzi. At number 40 there is another ancient house, dating back to the fourteenth century, with a Tufelli and arched window, which belonged to the Pious Association of the Piceni, as evidenced by the coat of arms affixed to the façade. 

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