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via titta scarpetta


Published on:  2018-02-06 17:58:00

  Streets of Rome

According to some, it derives from a soldier named the Titta Scarpetta, who lived in this street and who distinguished himself, with the sacrifice of his own life, in the siege of Malta of 1559 against the Turks, preventing the conquest of the island. According to others, the name could derive from the sign of an inn that would then give its name to the street or from an ancient marble fragment of a Roman statue depicting a shod foot, stuck in the wall at the corner of the alley and then disappeared. Today, the main characteristic of this street, linking via dei charcuterie to Piazza Castellani, are the numerous marble fragments embedded in the walls of buildings, almost to confirm the ancient tradition of exhibiting ancient artefacts. At number 25 There is the ancient entrance of the pediatric hospital « the Bootie » founded in 1892 by the company « Rescue and Work », which was providing medical assistance to infants and looking for work for unemployed parents.

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