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piazza delle coppelle


Published on:  2018-02-06 18:26:00

  Streets of Rome

Still today it seems the revenge of Rome against modern times: a space occupied by a few, crowded benches; voices that overlap, peels under the feet; strong smells, especially on Fridays when it is the turn of fish and cod that leaves the market in the company of chickpeas. The name of the square originates, like many others, from the profession mainly practised in the area: here were installed the « Cuppellari », Manufacturers of « Cuppelle », the barrels for the transport of wine that contained ten « sheets » (Ten liters). Place dear to the Romans: it was here that the precious containers were prepared, without which neither the sturdy Velletri, nor the Soave cinnamon could ever reach the parched gorges of old unskilled workers and young paìni. And so, Rome grateful titled to the Meritorious Category a church near the vanished port of Ripagrande, to this survivor: it is Santa Maria in cappella, where « chapel » is respectful deformation of « Cuppella ».

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