Loquis: viale delle galline bianche

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viale delle galline bianche


Published on:  2018-02-06 18:01:00

  Streets of Rome

The name would suggest a place intended for the raising of chickens and instead is linked to a legend that also refers to the same Pliny the Elder and who has as a protagonist a white hen. This fact, perhaps escaped the taking of an eagle in flight, would fall completely unscathed in his lap to Livia, wife of Augustus, while he was in the garden of his villa near the Via Flaminia. It was thus that, interpreting as a miracle, Livia took care of it by transporting and guarding the hen in the area of the Alta Semita (near Via Venti settembre), also called « White hens ». These two places are named after a third indicating the area between the Quirinale and the Viminale, which bears the same nomenclature. You don't just explain why it was in plural form .

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