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via panisperna


Published on:  2018-02-06 18:02:00

  Streets of Rome

The origin of Via Panisperna is perhaps linked to the friars of the church of San Lorenzo, who distributed to the poor panis et perna (bread and ham) Another interpretation that derives from the corruption of « palis »(bars) and « sternum » (« relax ») probably in reference to San Lorenzo burned on the grill, another speaks of two families, the Pane and the Perna, which in this area would have some properties, another, perhaps the most credible, it originates from a bubble of Giovanni the twenty-second in which we speak of the church of San Lorenzo Parasperna, a term that would be a corruption of the Greek word « para » (« near ») and that deriving from the ancient Latin « sperno » (« border ») and that he would have indicated that the church was situated near a boundary between important and neighboring properties. After the correct interpretation of the toponym, what stands out is the determining presence in the street of the ancient church of San Lorenzo in Panisperna, founded, self according to tradition, on the place where the martyr suffered the martyrdom of the grill.

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