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via dei quattro venti


Published on:  2020-06-10 10:18:00

  Streets of Rome

It's not because of the currents that's called that.  The origin of the name is to be sought in the history of the Risorgimento and in the events of the Roman Republic. On June 3, General Oudinot at the head of the French army, breaking an agreement taken earlier, attacked Rome on the side of the Gianicolo with thirty thousand well-armed and disciplined men; to counter it only eighty red Garibaldi shirts that were preparing the defenses and that were all exterminated. But they resisted to heroism and allowed Garibaldi, Mameli and other defenders to rush and thwart the French advance. The sacrifice was useless because Rome was besieged and bombarded.  At the behest of the same Oudinot, impressed by the sacrifice of the eighty desperate, this route was dedicated to them, to the eighty, which in French is called « Quatre-Vingts », who since then cross in remembrance those places that have seen them fight and die.

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