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via di santa passera


Published on:  2019-11-27 10:46:00

  Streets of Rome

Homonym of the Church located on the right bank of the Tiber, near via della Magliana. The medieval church of Santa Passera stands on the ruins of an ancient Roman mausoleum dating back to the second after Christ. The church was initially built to house the bodies of the Christian martyrs Cyrus and John, victims of Diocletian’s persecutions; two monks, after a premonitory dream, before the invasion of the Saracens in Egypt, brought the bodies to Rome to guard them. Arrived in Rome, they were welcomed and accommodated in the house by the rich Theodora, in Trastevere. During the night the two martyrs appeared in dream to the landlady and ordered her to transport their bodies out of the city, in the little church she had built in her possessions along the ancient Via Portuense, in honor of the virgin Prassede. On the origin of the current name « Passera », the most probable hypothesis is that it derives from the phonetic corruption of the title abbàs Cyrus (father Ciro), from which Sant Abbaciro, initially given to the church: during the centuries the term suffered the distortion of the language popular becoming Appacero, Pacero, Pacera and finally Passera.

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