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vicolo del cefalo


Published on:  2018-02-06 18:08:00

  Streets of Rome

The unusual name of the Vicolo del Cefalo, which has nothing to do with the homonymous fish, has evidently intrigued many people to the point that it is one of the few streets of Rome that sees explained in its own plaque the etymology of the name. The name of this road along Palazzo bags is a popular correction of the name « Cevoli », or « Ceoli » or « Ceuli », or the Pisan family that for a time was the owner of the nearby palace. In 1574, in fact, the banker Tiberius Ceuli bought the Palazzo Sacchetti, the work of the Sangallo. This alley, which before the Lungotevere arrived at the river, previously had called the Vicolo della Catena or Vicolo delle Catene, because of the chains that limited access to the Palazzo Sacchetti. Right on the corner with the alley of the mullet, there is the Fontana del Putto, a sixteenth-century opera that currently lies in a state of neglect. 

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