Loquis: vicolo della spada d'Orlando

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vicolo della spada d'Orlando


Published on:  2018-02-06 18:09:00

  Streets of Rome

To explain the origin of this name there are two legendary hypotheses. Orlando, Paladin of France, at Roncisvalle, with a slash, in an attempt to break his sword so that it would not fall in the hands of the Moors, split a column which, inexplicably, was brought to Rome, in this alley.  For other Orlando, surrounded by Roman knights, in the vicinity of the equine gave an empty slash so strong that, falling over a trunk of a column, he cut it. Even today in the alley is visible the fragment of the column with the cut. A characteristic of the alley is that of being the only street of Rome not to have civic numbers, nor doors of dwellings.

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