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via dei vascellari


Published on:  2018-02-06 18:09:00

  Streets of Rome

It takes its name from the potters, or the artisans who made and sold terracotta pots (also called « vaselli », small vases), which in this street had their foundations. According to some it could also derive from the manufacturers of vessels, given the proximity of the road to the port of Ripa Grande, but the term with which this area was denominated in the Middle Ages, or « the Boccalari (manufacturers of mugs) in Ripa », it would seem more confirm the first hypothesis. At number 6 of this street is located Palazzo Ponziani, dates back to medieval times (it was built around the fourteenth century) and was the house where Francesca Bussa lived and died, or Santa Francesca Romana called « Ceccolella ». Francesca married Renzo Ponziani, just , of the rich family of Roman « butchers ». It was a marriage of interest and in fact his only thought was to do good works. Thus Palazzo Ponziani became a meeting place for the poor and hungry, where Francesca used all the financial means of the family. Francesca was a perfect mother and wife, but she did not give up her mission, so much so that she founded a religious community, that of the Oblates of Monte Oliveto.

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