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via scossacavalli


Published on:  2018-02-06 18:09:00

  Streets of Rome

Among the most particular names, it would be a transposition from the Latin « coxa caballi », literally horse hip, from which according to some it would refer to the fragment of an equestrian statue (a horse hip) found there; according to others it would indicate a particular type of architectural bastion, called precisely « coxa caballi». Here the linguistic explanation stops and the legend begins: St. Helen decided to offer, to the Vatican Basilica, the stone on which the sacrifice of Isaac was to take place, and on which Jesus ' presentation to the temple would occur. But during the transport of the boulder, the horses, arrived at the height of the church of San Giacomo in Borgo, would not have wanted to continue the path, despite the tremors of the whips, so the stone was there laid.

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