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vicolo del malpasso


Published on:  2018-02-06 18:11:00

  Streets of Rome

First it was called Vicolo delle Carceri, from the new prisons built by Pope Innocent the Tenth in place of those that were in Tor di Nona. Another name of the street was vicolo della Chiavica di Santa Lucia for the church of the banner so called for the nearby cloaca. The church was also said in Pescivoli by a new fish market to distinguish it from the old one to the Portico d’ Octavia. Benvenuto Cellini offered to St. Lucia a silver eye for the reiceived Grace. Vicolo del Malpasso means « sad passage » just because near the new prisons and traveled by the bad-people brought to prison. For others the name indicates a steep and rugged road. 

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