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via del pellegrino


Published on:  2018-02-06 18:14:00

  Streets of Rome

It was originally called « Via Florea » (as mentioned on the headstone in Latin located in via dei Balestrari) and then « Via degli Orefici », for the goldsmiths shops that were located in. It took its current name from a tavern called « del Pellegrino », as the route, being on the line for San Pietro coming from Campo de Fiori, was continually traveled by pilgrims, someone claims that it took its name directly from the pilgrims who ran it, but we prefer to believe in the hypothesis of Locanda « del Pellegrino » very often named in the « Gabella dei Vini », especially under the pontificates of Paolo Second and Sisto Forth. The right side, flanked by the Chancellery building in the past was completely full of shops. It was freed from shops and dilapidated houses, despite the Councilor Filippo Pacelli (father of the future Pope Pius the Twelfth) had already mentioned in 1887 the necessity and the opportunity of the work, for serious reasons of hygiene and public safety.

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