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vicolo del babuccio


Published on:  2018-02-06 18:14:00

  Streets of Rome

There lived in the street a certain Ubaldo of character prankster and everyone, for mock him, called him Balduccio, hence the corruption in Babuccio that gave name to the alley. Another name of the alley was « del Sole » because there was the opinion that there was the temple of the Sun. There was probably a tavern with a sign depicting the sun. To note a little house that rises on the corner of the alley, really small, the curiosity of such a microhome is that you can not see in all its length because the alley is tortuous and it opens up to fatigue the road between red and yellow-brown houses. An act of sale with deed by the notary Stefano Babuccio of 16 July 1581 certifies the sale of a land of the family Scappucci at Capo di Ferro ai Barberini, then there was in Rome also a family Babuccio, perhaps lived in the alley or near.

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