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vicolo dell'atleta


Published on:  2018-02-06 18:15:00

  Streets of Rome

The name comes from the fact that in this place was discovered in 1844 the statue of the athlete Apoxiomenos. Copy of the bronze original of Lysippus of the fourth century before Christ already at the Baths of Agrippa (Pantheon). Today it is in the Vatican. During the foundation work of a house used as a furnace, it found an environment with painted walls and niches, parts of bronze statues and fragments of a bronze horse. All these works came from the portico of Octavia, brought to Rome from Greece by Quintus Metellus Macedonian. Today there is a restaurant that could not be called "dell’ Atleta", even if a few years has changed the name in "Spirito di Vino.". It is a particular alley, it has ascent, descent, two curves and two variations of amplitude.

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