Loquis: Via di Sant'Agnese in Agone

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Via di Sant'Agnese in Agone


Published on:  2018-01-29 15:43:00

  Streets of Rome

The way is dedicated to the episode of the Martyrdom of the saint that seems to have happened in this place. Agnes, who had decided to offer the Lord her virginity, was denounced as a Christian by the son of the prefect of Rome, felt in love of her but rejected. She was exposed naked to the circus, near the current Piazza Navona. A man who tried to approach her fell dead before she could touch her and just as miraculously resources for the saint's intercession. Thrown into the fire, this was extinguished by his prayers, was then pierced with sword to the throat, in the way in which the lambs were killed. For this reason the iconography is often depicted with a sheep or a lamb, symbols of candor and sacrifice. 

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