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via delle zoccolette


Published on:  2018-02-06 18:27:00

  Streets of Rome

The name of the street derives from the presence of the Conservatory of Saint Clemente e Crescentino, set up « for the poor orphans, commonly called ‘zoccolette’ »: someone benevolently attributes it to a kind of footwear similar to the hooves they used, but most likely refers precisely to the Roman term that indicates the prostitute, because it was common opinion that the orphan, once displaced by the conservatory, had no other fate than that of the sidewalk. Of course the conservatory was born precisely with the opposite intent, or to save the honesty of the girls, to give them a Christian upbringing and above all to teach them a job (here they learned to sew, to embroider and « they also performed works of wool and drapes called ‘fustagni’, woven of flax and hemp ») which would have returned to them useful once, of age, had exited from the conservatory.

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