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Via dei Pettinari


Published on:  2018-03-14 20:06:00

  Streets of Rome

In the sixteenth century the street was called « the Way of the Trinity » according to the fact that it led to the Church of Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini; only afterwards the street assumed the present name of Via dei Pettinari, that is, when the area called « in Unda » or « de unda », because subject to the continuous floods of the Tiber, was occupied by the workshops of « combing », those who did or sold combs of ivory or ebony for hair or wood for combing, during processing, linens and silks. Some prefer to believe that the name derives from the presence of the workshops of the wool carders, already in 700. The « combed wool » was just a fabric of wool. Today the term « unda » survives only in the church that rises here, San Salvatore in Onda.

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