Loquis: Via dei Cappellari

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Via dei Cappellari


Published on:  2018-03-14 20:03:00

  Streets of Rome

Under the arch, at number 29, a plaque affixed in 1873 reminds us that « in this House on 3 January 1698 was born Pietro Trapassi known to the world with the name of Metastasio». The poet, perhaps the most distinguished of the Arcadi, brought the Italian melodrama to its highest perfection, so that from 1730 he lived in Vienna as a Caesarean poet at the court of Charles Sesto and Maria Theresa, where he had honors and favors. He wrote tragedies, cantatas, melodramas including « Attilio Regulus », « The Esperidi Gardens », « Dido Abandoned », « Alessandro », « Semiramide », « Artaxerxes » and others.

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