Loquis: Murals of the Parco di Santa Maria della pietà

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Murals of the Parco di Santa Maria della pietà


Published on:  2018-02-21 17:03:00

  Street Art in Rome

The street artist Mequio, aka «  Poet of Nothingness », has devised a project of artistic and cultural redevelopment for the grey walls of the former provincial asylum, which are thus tinged with new forms and colours. The project, called « Kaleidoscope », was born to see and discover the beauty that there is also inside a place, which for years has seen only stories of pain and suffering.  Twenty eight Artists for more than thirty walls: hands that meet, homages and references to Goya, Schifano, Sophocles, Bacon, Merin.  A work of three months, to which also participated international artists, who wants to leave an indelible trace of art and life, in the history of a place marked for so long by suffering.

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