Loquis: Mural in Via Beppe Fenoglio

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Mural in Via Beppe Fenoglio


Published on:  2018-02-20 09:07:00

  Street Art in Rome

In the district of Laurentino, we find an amazing work of art created by one of the greatest Italian street artists, known under the pseudonym of « Ericailcane ». The immense murals is large eight storeys of a building, and was born right within the project of redevelopment L38-peripheral line. It is a gorilla in his underwear that with his eyes barred builds a precarious paper castle, and that with his expression embraces the whole neighborhood overcoming the observer. Art is the medium that best manages to interpret the discomfort of those who live isolated and waiting for a real home. It is the necessary thrust to raise awareness and retrain one of the most degraded places in the city.

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