Loquis: Mural of via Trevia

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Mural of via Trevia


Published on:  2018-02-16 13:16:00

  Street Art in Rome

The project of public art and social rehabilitation, devised by the Association Walls and addressed to St. Basil, came to its conclusion in February 2015. After two months of work, workshops with the children and meetings with the inhabitants of the area, the gigantic work of art realized by the internationally renowned muralist Hitnes was presented to the public during a great final celebration. Ad Hitnes, selected for its ability to read the context in which it goes to operate, have entrusted the task of painting 6 facades of as many buildings overlooking a disused square. The imposing work will become part of the aesthetics of the square and change the face of a part of St. Basil.

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