Loquis: Giuseppa Tadolini between works, cast and tables

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Giuseppa Tadolini between works, cast and tables


Published on:  2018-03-20 23:14:00

  Famous people of Rome

"Josepha was the daughter of Adam Tadolini, a friend and pupil of Canova. With him, she shared the studio atelier in Via del Baboon. When her father died, the Greek Pontifical college owner of the property, he would have wanted to rent the space to a car dealership but Josephus made sure that it did not happen and lived, without ever getting married, between Tarot and cats and, of course, works of art. So it was until her death. Then the heirs sold everything and today the Atelier Studio is also a bar restaurant. Between plaster busts and other sculptures you can take a coffee and think of that Bohemian Rome that is no more "

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