Loquis: Simonetta Tosi, a doctor for self-consciousness

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Simonetta Tosi, a doctor for self-consciousness


Published on:  2018-03-20 20:44:00

  Famous people of Rome

"Simonetta Tosi was born in 1937. She lives as the protagonist of the years 70, those of the battles for contraception and abortion. Challenge every conservative principle of papal Italy.  In 1972, Simonetta became part of the feminist collective of Via Pompeo Magno, then joined the Roman feminist movement, participating in initiatives for the decriminalization of the crime of abortion. Two years later, she opened in the Roman quarter of San Lorenzo the self-managed consultancy of Via dei Sebelli N. 100, which became the seat of the crack (Roman committee for the liberalization of abortion and contraception) and of the feminist collective San Lorenzo, expressions of Women's health groups that proliferated in the 1970s "

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