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An extravagant Superintendent


Published on:  2018-03-29 08:16:00

  Famous people of Rome

"Palma Bucarelli has been a critic of art, art historian and Italian museologist, whose name is linked to the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, a museum of which she was the historical director and superintendent from 94 to 975. She was a strenuous promoter of the abstractionism and the informal. In July of 94 took over the National Gallery of Modern Art. In the course of the war he worked to rescue the works of art, dividing them between the hiding places of Castel Sant Angelo in Rome and the Palazzo Farnese di Caprarola Intellectual, refined, courageous has been the protagonist of a cultural revolution: With the acquisition of the Big sack of Burri, the controversy between abstractionism and the more consolidated realism exploded dramatically, and they called it the Palmina degli Stracci. for the amusing scandal of the boxes of Piero Manzoni displayed as works of art with the label "artist s shit." It was 97 . Provocation against Italy of consumerism o Palma Bucarelli died in Rome in 99 , at the age of eighty-eight. The Municipality of Rome gave its name to a street near the National Gallery of Modern Art, between Viale delle Belle Arti and Viale Antonio Gramsci. "

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