Loquis: A bourgeois for the resistance

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A bourgeois for the resistance


Published on:  2018-03-20 19:56:00

  Famous people of Rome

Marisa Musu lived in Via Orazio, with her anti-Fascist family, she attended the Luceo Mamiani.In 1942 , at sixteen and still a student of the Mamiani high school, through Lucio Lombardo Radice, Marisa enters the clandestine organization of the Italian Communist Party together with Adele Maria Jemolo, her study partner and future wife of Lombardo Radice. She enrolled at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Rome. Since she was very young, she carried out illegal activities against fascism and, after the armistice, took part in the battle for the defense of Rome is the youngest of the partisan training (eighteen years old) and the youngest of the partisan training (eighteen years old) on March , 1944, is present at the murder of Teresa Gullace. In the ensuing chase, the « gappista » Carla Capponi the point against the killer but is immediately surrounded by women present and arrested by the Germans. In the confusion, Marisa has the readiness to remove the weapon and put it in her pocket card of a fascist association, thanks to which Capponi succeeds in convincing the officer who interrogates her of his extraneousness to the action and reacquire her freedom.

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