Loquis: Marcella Ficca Monaco and the Joke of Regina Coeli

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Marcella Ficca Monaco and the Joke of Regina Coeli


Published on:  2018-03-20 19:46:00

  Famous people of Rome

She was an anti-Fascist and Italian partisan, a silver medal for military valor. Together with her husband Alfredo Monaco joined the Italian Socialist Party in 1943 . After the German occupation of Rome, Marcella Monaco carried out partisan activities as relay, carrying arms and giving shelter to the wanted and wounded partisans in the house of Via della Lungara 28 B, located inside Regina Coeli and assigned to her husband as a prison physician. This circumstance, on 24 January 1944, allows her to successfully complete the escape from Regina Coeli by Sandro Pertini, Giuseppe Saragat and five other political prisoners, all condemned to death for anti-fascist activity.Searched by the SS, Marcella Monaco goes underground until the liberation day of Rome, while her two sons, Giorgio of six years and Fabrizio of two years, are hidden in extraterritorial religious institutes. With the advent of the Republic she returns to her wife and mother activity.

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