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Madre Coraggio Gold at The Civil Value


Published on:  2018-03-20 19:39:00

  Famous people of Rome

Rosa Guarnieri Calò Carducci was an Italian woman, decorated with a gold medal for civil valor. She was killed while she was trying to oppose the arrest of her son, shortly after the Armistice of Cassibile in this street where she lived. She was given the medal for civil valor with this motivation: « On the door of her house she faced, with intrepid courage, an enemy patrol of Germans and Fascists, who were looking for her son to arrest him as an offender of anti-fascism and challenging the weapons. Pointed at her chest and the cruel threats, she opposed with all her strength to the shoes of the torturers, hit by several shots of gun and musket fell lifeless to the ground and sacrificed life giving a new, bright example of patriotism and the courage of woman and Italian mother ». It was October 7, 1943 . A street in Rome was named Rosa Guarnieri, and a square in her home town too. It also took her name, a nursery school in Grosseto.

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