Loquis: The anti-fascist teacher Cesira Fiori

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The anti-fascist teacher Cesira Fiori


Published on:  2018-03-20 19:21:00

  Famous people of Rome

In Via del Colosseo the young Cesira Fiori lived, and in 1933 she was arrested with the suspicion that she was a subversive against the fascist regime. That day she went to teach to Velletri, in bullpen moist and smelly, she was a teacher even if the governorate of Rome had expelled her for political incompatibilities. She, that April 27, returned to her home in Via del Colosseo where she lived with the adopted son, Mario, born from a previous relationship with his partner who had died just before their wedding. They did not find any evidence of the true clandestine activity of Cesira in the Communist Party. She was still arrested and spent 10 years in several Italian prisons until 1944.

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