Loquis: A mute star muta at Grand Hotel

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A mute star muta at Grand Hotel


Published on:  2019-07-23 15:26:00

  Famous people of Rome

She often resided at the Grand Hotel, Francesca Bertini, pseudonym of Elena Seracini Vitiello, actress who became famous at the time of silent cinema, at the beginning of the twentieth century. Foster daughter of the Neapolitan « trovarobe» Arturo Vitiello and of the Florentine prose actress Adelaide Frataglioni, spent the childhood in Naples. She began very young to play the stage playing Neapolitan comedies, and subsequently appeared in a large number of silent films reciting secondary parts.The young girl had an unpleasant guttural voice, but her decision to arrive, united with impatience for the life as a comedian, gave her the courage to make the jump in the capital.In just two years Francesca Bertini achieved fame.The most striking success came in 1915 with the role of the Neapolitan Assunta Spina. Her remarkable beauty and the ability to impose her presence on stage, especially in tragic parts, made her the first example of a movie star. During this period, she saw the new processing methods coming from Turin in a Caesar installation theater. She decided to be directed by a Turin director for his new film. Bertini was still at the height of success when the américain Fox put forward an enticing offer (a million-dollar contract of the time) to play in some films, but the diva refused: she had just met the Swiss banker Alfred Cartier that soon became her husband.

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