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Madama Lugrezzia


Published on:  2019-07-23 14:22:00

  Famous people of Rome

Madame Lucrezia (in romanesco Madame Lugrezzia), is one of the six talking statues of Rome, the only female representative of the so-called « Congrega degli Arguti ». It is a colossal bust of the Roman era, about 3 meters high, currently placed on a basement on the corner between the Palazzo Venezia and the Basilica of S. Marco, in the homonymous square. As for the other statues, it has not been possible to assign a certain identification, and the hypotheses on the depicted figure are manifold: the most accredited seems to be the goddess Isis (or her priestess) because the knot of the robe on the chest is a characteristic that would lead to that cult.The bust would have been donated to Lucrezia d Alagno, the lover of Alfonso the Fifth d’Aragona, king of Naples , who, after the death of Alfonso, due to the hostility of his successor, moved to Rome, and lived near the place where the statue is now.As the other five was the « voice » of several pasquinades , the violent ones and often irreverent satire directed to strike even heavily and always anonymously the most prominent public figures in the Rome of the fifteenth century. According to some theories, the famous Pie’ di Marmo located in the street that takes its name from it would have originally been part of the statue whose upper part is precisely Madama Lucrezia.

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