Loquis: A mother first of all, Teresa Narducci

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A mother first of all, Teresa Narducci


Published on:  2018-03-20 16:09:00

  Famous people of Rome

It was 1849 when some patriots rose for the independence of Rome, a year has passed since the killing of Pellegrino Rossi, the Pontifical Interior Minister, and from that action, and the flight of Pius The Ninth to Gaeta, the cancan of events that led to the revolution. But in July the Republic fell, and the restoration was heavy, only to hear about the patriots of the papal police take up the bayonets, let alone when the authorities learn that someone celebrates anniversary of the death of the prime minister with a cheerful banquet.It’s the mother of the first fallen for the defense of Rome: Paolo, nineteen years old, architecture student, artillery lieutenant. His brother Pietro saw him die on April 30, 1849. He was thirteen years old, also a fighter for freedom in the Battalion of Hope, a formation of teenagers. She is Teresa Narducci, an ardent republican, but the patriots know it, but the counterpart knows it too, subversive and does not leave it alone. In mid-November 1849, as every year, the fallen pontifical military are remembered. The ceremony takes place in Sant Ignazio, with the Minister of Arms and a host of officers in full regalia. Peace to the heroes who died for the fatherland », you hear shouting. The voice is of a woman. It is Teresa who will be arrested for this.

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