Loquis: Anita, the woman of the general Garibaldi

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Anita, the woman of the general Garibaldi


Published on:  2018-03-20 15:56:00

  Famous people of Rome

Anita is the affectionate name that gives her the beloved Giuseppe (Garibaldi). She was Brazilian and he just saw her, in Laguna, Brazil falls in love and brings it with her. Anita is passionate and courageous at the same time. It will be called not by chance the heroine of the two worlds. She follows Garibaldi everywhere, also in Rome during the days of the Republic of Rome. She lives with fury, often reaching her husband in the headquarters of Villa Spada. She is pregnant with the fifth child when she cuts her hair and dresses as a man by beating the retreat with her husband and other heroes. Unfortunately in the journey she becomes seriously ill and in the vicinity of Venice, dies. She leaves the general desperate that however in a hurry to save the rest of the group, burying it and tearing it apart.

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