Loquis: Sophie Blanchard, in flight from Piazza Navona

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Sophie Blanchard, in flight from Piazza Navona


Published on:  2018-03-19 16:56:00

  Famous people of Rome

Sophie Blanchard is a french brave and reckless. In 1811 she arrives in Rome. The second Roman ascension of Blanchard, which in the same year had flown from Rome to Naples going up to more than 3600 meters in height, starts from Piazza Navona followed by a passionate popular participation. Cut the ropes, the ball flies over the city and after about an hour and a half ends near Tagliacozzo. Sophie was married to Jean Pierre Blanchard, who was famous for having crossed the sleeve in a balloon first. She was a peasant's daughter and he for a promise to the mother who, pregnant, had cured him, will marry her in 1804. Sophie will die at her 67th ascension in Tivoli.

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