Loquis: Lorenza, Cagliostro’s wife

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Lorenza, Cagliostro’s wife


Published on:  2018-03-19 15:58:00

  Famous people of Rome

Daughter of a bronze smelter with the shop in the road of the Pilgrims, Lorenza is beautiful, illiterate, mischievous and courted when in 1768 to seventeen years married in the church of San Salvatore in Campo the twentyfive years old Giuseppe, from Palermo landed in Rome after having spent childhood, orphaned, in a convent. An arrest for brawl makes her immediately understand that he is not a quiet guy. Thus begins the restless wandering through the Europe of this couple that does not make sure of fidelity and honesty their own seal. Cagliostro also peddles magic and for this reason he will be arrested and imprisoned at Castel Sant'Angelo while Lorenza ends up in the convent of Sant'Apollonia in Trastevere where he keeps his accommodation until his death.

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