Loquis: Scandal at Monastero delle Oblate

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Scandal at Monastero delle Oblate


Published on:  2018-03-19 15:35:00

  Famous people of Rome

Fabrizio Ciancaleoni recognizes his daughter as the result of an escapade with a commoner. Thus the child becomes noble and is called Fulvia. The brothers of the outraged populace swear vengeance, and kill Fabrizio. The noble Paluzzo Astalli, sees for the first time Fulvia, falls in love but is promised to a certain Lavinia who does everything to send the girl in the Monastery of the Oblates. Flowers arrive every day at the monastery. Paluzzo in love thinks only of how to get Fulvia out of the monastery and marry her. It is the last day of Carnival when the forced porter of Ripa Grande, nicknamed Sfrappone, the swagger, raises the Tiber by boat. He does not even know what the big trunk that the noble Fiorello Capocci gave him. In a few minutes it arrives at the Corso where the Berber horse race takes place. One tramples it and remains lifeless with the trunk that someone will deliver to the Monastery, to Fulvia Ciancaleoni. The arrival of the cash box catches Fulvia by surprise. She opens it with curiosity, with the help of his companions, and it is immediately a cry of horror. Among the linen lies the corpse of Paluzzo, dead asphyxiated. Fulvia initially loses almost her head, then, resigned, takes the veil and remains among the Oblates.

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