Loquis: Bocca di Leone for Tolla the courtisan

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Bocca di Leone for Tolla the courtisan


Published on:  2018-06-08 14:15:00

  Famous people of Rome

Prince Constantine Sobieski loses his head for Tolla, a prostitute who is not even twenty years old, nicknamed « Bocca di Leone » on the street where she lives and works. Even the nobles, however, do not disdain her. The most assiduous is Gaetano, the eldest son of the duke Francesco Sforza Cesarini. The queen and her first settle in Piazza Santi Apostoli. And immediately they are the masters. The sovereign protects artists and writers, and also takes Tolla under her graces. For Tolla it is a stroke of luck. Constantine fills her with presents. Then, when he comes out with his mother on the balcony, to greet her, she takes the coachman s place and starts singing a serenade. Dressed for a man’s habit, complete with a hat. Bad luck wants that, in spite of the late hour, there passes the birroccio of a noble of Ridolfi house on which there is also Gaetano Cesarini. In a fit of anger the betrayed lover draws his sword and through the window tries to scrape Tolla’s face. Tolla is sent to a house in Via del Corso, to make clear and facilitate the protection of the Sobieski. Finally the queen, now tired, decides to get rid of her and sends her in a carriage to Naples entrusting it to the viceroy. Tolla leaves the Roman house in Pimpa, his sister and colleague.

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