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A soprano in Via del Corso


Published on:  2018-03-19 15:14:00

  Famous people of Rome

Marianna Benti Bulgarelli, born in 1684 in Rome, therefore known as « la Romanina », was an Italian soprano and made her debut in Rome around 1703 . In 1715 she was in Genoa working for the Teatro Sant Agostino and between 1714 and 1715 she sang for the San Bartolomeo Theater of Naples, in two cities the city was very successful: from 1716 to 1718 it was the turn of the Teatro San Grisostomo di Venezia.Went back to Naples in 1719, sang as the first woman in the « cantata» the Orti Esperidi, written by Pietro Metastasio and set to music by Nicola Porpora. Since the author of the « cantata » remained anonymous, she did not give peace until she found it.After discovering, she persuaded Metastasio to abandon his current occupation of legal and welcomed him into her own home. Thanks to her support and her advice, Metastasio decided to devote himself to the activity of a librettist and in her home he was able to know the greatest composers and singers of the time.In 1724, still at San Bartolomeo, he sang in the abandoned « Dido» , written by his young protege and music by Domenico Sarro. After Metastasio became a Caesarean poet at the court of Vienna in 1734, she decided to come to him, but she died along the way. He left all her legacy in Metastasio.

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