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Faustina Maratti


Published on:  2018-03-19 15:05:00

  Famous people of Rome

Narural daughter of the painter Carlo Maratta was born in Rome around 1679. She received a good humanistic education from a young age, studying music, figurative arts and, above all, poetry, very attracting, attracted the attention of Giangiorgio Sforza Cesarini, who she tried to kidnap her while the girl was going to mass with her mother and some housemaids.The girl managed to escape the ambush, but there remained a scar on her left side of the head.The duke was sentenced to a long prison sentence to which he escaped repairing first in Naples and then in Spain, where he died in 1719. Considered in spite of herself a heroine, in 1704 the young poet was welcomed in the Accademia degli Arcadi where she received the name Aglauro Cidonia.In Arcadia met the poet Giambattista Felice Zappi, a lawyer originally from Imola and a very famous poet, whom Faustina married in 1705 and with whom she lived happily.The Zappi house became a center of renowned artistic meetings; among the visitors to their living room it will suffice to remember Georg Friedrich Händel, Domenico Scarlatti, Giovanni Vincenzo Gravina and Giovanni Mario Crescimbeni. In 1728 a young man from Albano, such Francesco, sued her in court claiming to be her natural son and of the duke Giangiorgio Sforza Cesarini. The process lasted a long time. Faustina managed to exculpate herself from the accusation; she died in 1745. She is buried in the church of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane.

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