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An entrepreneur from Svezia


Published on:  2018-03-19 14:58:00

  Famous people of Rome

Christine, daughter of King Gustavus the Second Adolphus of Sweden and Queen Mary Eleonora of Brandenburg, succeeded on the throne at the age of six after the untimely death of the parent. During the Thirty Years War, in 1654, she converted to Catholicism and abdicated in favor of his cousin Charles Gustavus, who became King Charles the Tenth. Fearing the reactions and revenge of the Protestants, she immediately left Sweden to spend the rest of her life in various countries of Europe and then settled permanently in Rome where she worked on charitable works, of art, music and theater in a cultural movement that, after her death, led to the foundation of the Accademia degli Arcadi in 1690. Together with Count Giacomo d’ Alibert, the Tordinona, she founded first public opera theater in Rome, and becomes an impresario.Comprehensive and nonconformist personality, educated in a virile way as a prince and not a princess, Christina of Sweden was endowed with a lively intelligence and a solid humanistic and philosophic culture. During the years of her reign, in which she did not shine for political competence and in which she neglected the affairs of State, provoking the discontent of the country, [without source] she lavished herself to make Stockholm the « Athens of the North ».

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