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The serial poisoner


Published on:  2018-03-19 14:46:00

  Famous people of Rome

Julia Tofana, ( 1659), was an Italian serial murderer, sympathizer for women who felt trapped in wrong marriages, to whom she mainly sold poisons, and was condemned and executed in Campo de Fiori, in 1659, together with her daughter Giroloma , to the apprentices, as well as to a certain number of wives accused of having poisoned their husbands by giving them the potion. She elaborated chimical equation for tofana water, an odorless and tasteless poison, and sold the product to unsatisfied women of marriage, dragging into this also daughter, Girolama Spera. The tofana water had a high degree of toxicity, being sufficient a small amount to provide a symptom-free death, making sure that the murder was not discovered. Julia Tofana was hit by a complaint coming from a husband who survived an attempted poisoning, Tofana was hunted down, she found a shelt in a church, rescued, but was captured when she left the structure; her popularity was such that people would not leave her in a state of arrest. Under torture, she confessed that she had sold, but only in Rome, enough poison to kill about 600 men, between 1633 and 1651 .

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