Loquis: Vittoria Accoramboni at Palazzo Peretti

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Vittoria Accoramboni at Palazzo Peretti


Published on:  2018-03-19 11:24:00

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She moved to Rome during his childhood, he was soon noticed for his beauty and at sixteen, in 1573 , he married Francesco Peretti, nephew of the future Pope Sixtus the Fifth. Among the most fervent admirers of Vittoria there was Paolo Giordano the First Orsini, one of the most powerful men of Rome, of which he became a lover.The beautiful woman resided in Palazzo Peretti.Orsini’s assassins, assassinated Francesco Peretti on the street.The Orsini was immediately suspected of being the instigator of the crime. When Vittoria was free from the bond of marriage, Paolo Giordano married her clandestinely but the bond was annulled by authority. She was imprisoned in Castel Sant Angelo and finally exiled to Gubbio.In February 1583 she returned freely to Rome and on September 10, in Bracciano, two lovers celebrated the marriage again, but it was still canceled.At the death of Pope Gregory, who had publicly taken a stand against their union, Vittoria and Paolo Orsini were married again now the election of Sixtus the Fifth , uncle of Francesco Peretti, made them flee to Venice and later to Salò. Here the duke died suddenly on November 13, 1585 - it is said that he was made to poison by Francesco de Medici - leaving the duchy to his first son, Virginio, and the remaining assets to his widow Vittoria. Vittoria settled in Padua but on December 22, Lodovico Orsini killed Vittoria and his brother Flaminio Accoramboni by some assassins.

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