Loquis: Vittoria Colonna and the literary circle in the convent

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Vittoria Colonna and the literary circle in the convent


Published on:  2018-03-19 11:11:00

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Those are hard and violent years when Vittoria was born in Marino’s family fiefdom. The Colonna are against the popes, against everyone: Orsini, Caetani, Borgia, his father is the condottiere Fabrizio Colonna, named a great connestable of the Kingdom of Naples for its military value: she, the only female daughter, for political alliances at the age of three, is promised in marriage to a contemporary, Ferrante d’ Avalos, Marquis of Pescara, scion of a Spanish family in Naples. After the marriage the disappointment. Vittoria endures betrayals with dignity. Vittoria feels lonely and betrayed. She writes letters to letters to her husband. In 1525, after the victorious battle of Pavia, Ferrante died in Milan at the age of thirty-six for the consequences of some injuries, thirty-five years, no children. Althought having the possibility to remarry, he chooses a monastic life. Two popes prevent her from taking the vows considering her more useful as a lay woman.Then she launches into a crusade « to remove of lustful life, vexatious and profane many famous courtesans ». Vittoria following political events, she moved away from Rome, where we found her again in 1531. In Rome she created her own « club » in the garden of the Convent of San Silvestro in Capite, a meeting place for theological and artistic discussions. Cardinals, writers, supporters of ecclesiastical renewal participate in it. There are Pietro Bembo, Bernardo Tasso, Baldassarre Castiglione. From 1538 there is also Michelangelo. An affectionate friendship is born between their. In 1543 Vittoria settled in the Benedictine monastery of Sant Anna dei Funari.

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