Loquis: A courtesan at Palazzo Carpi Pallavicini

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A courtesan at Palazzo Carpi Pallavicini


Published on:  2018-03-19 10:58:00

  Famous people of Rome

We talk about Tullia D’Aragona, nicknamed « the courtesan of the poets » for being their inspiring muse. At Palazzo Carpi Pallavicini spent the last years of her life. She was born in Rome in 1508 , and was the daughter of the Ferrara courtesan Julia Campana ( known as the « Ferrarese» because born in Adria), and of Cardinal Luigi d’ Aragona, archbishop of Palermo and nephew of King Alfonso the Second of Naples. But she is born daughter of the cousin Costanzo Palmieri d’Aragona. Tullia was refined, sang, played, spoke Latin and loved to write. She transformed his alcove into a literary salon, frequented by Filippo Strozzi, Cardinal Ippolito de Medici, Bernardo Tasso, Camillo Delminio, Francesco Maria Molza and Sperone Speroni. Girolamo Muzio fell in love with her madly, and dedicated to her his sonnets. she was tall and blonde, and there were those who spent a night with her, was willing to spend even 100 scudi.In 1531 had to flee from Rome because stained for dishonour for not having respected some agreements. Through the intercession of the Duchess of Ferrara she could escape the obligation to wear the mark of the yellow veil of courtesans for literary merit. In 1543 he married Silvestro Guicciardini to deserve the title of « honest courtesan ». She died in 1556 and was buried with his mother and sister Penelope in the Church of St. Augustine.

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