Loquis: A courtesan at Osteria dell'Orso

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A courtesan at Osteria dell'Orso


Published on:  2018-03-19 10:52:00

  Famous people of Rome

Lucrezia Porzia was a daughter of art, even her mother Clarice exerted the same « old » profession. As a child she sold apples cooked in the street, and danced in taverns.  She was nicknamed « Matrema non vole » (my mother does not want): being very young (twelve years) when she began the job of prostitute, the mother had set limits to her performance, and with this sentence liquidated customers who did not like. She played the role of Virgin, indulging only after being prayed and bought with gifts. She was one of the most sought after courtiers by the « pasquinate ».She bet 100 Ducati on the name of the new pope who was to be elected; if she had lost, he would be granted free for three nights. She bet on a cardina her mistress, but lost the bet. She made a career, and from a miserable house in which she lived, she came to live in a luxurious house near the Osteria dell’Orso.

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